This piece was created as my way of communicating what I think could be. Creating a world where we seek to give back as much as we take from the Earth, from one another, and from ourselves. Creating a world where power structures are obsolete, allowing everyone to take back the time, growth, and love that was stolen from them. I think what could be is a world created not by the reimagining of the established, but rather by the strengthened relations formed from its rejection.
Originally, I made this drawing as a submission for an art show (it wasn't accepted). Once I decided I was going to use this piece for my Dissolve design project, I brought the illustration into Photoshop and changed the colors to the color palette I use for Dissolve, and I added imagery to the background. The background is actually two images taken around Downtown San Diego spliced together. I then took the project into Procreate to add type.
The original drawing. I came up with the idea, sketched it out, and colored the entire piece all in less than 2 hours in order to make it within the due date time frame (procrastinated af). I originally used colors based off the palette I used for my own VEZAEL branding system, just in case I wanted to combine this illustration with something for my own branding or use it as a collateral piece.
This laser engraving piece is 5 x 6.5" on 6061 aluminum. I had several of this size rectangles cut, and instead of passing the material through a line grain machine or bead blasting the material, I placed the pieces under the laser engraving machine and etched the entire surface front and back to achieve a cool, finished look. Then I etched the image of my illustration with no text. It took some trial and error but I love how it came out. 
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