Quest For Zest Map & Guide

Foldable brochure map and guide, 18x20″ unfolded, folds to 4x9″ panels. Titled “Quest for Zest,” this map and guide features fast food Mexican restaurants in the San Diego area. They are shown on a map based on level of favorability. Also featured are a few Yelp reviews from some of the places to get an idea of how they are. I didn’t want to use the cliché look and feel of how Mexican restaurants or Mexican culture in general is portrayed here in the US, with light, vibrant colors, visual busyness, and an overuse of “Mexican motifs.” I wanted to focus more on the day and age we are in as well as the target audience. Aimed towards young adults, I decided to use a more modern approach to the aesthetic of my piece. Still containing a few cliché “Mexicanities” though, I intended to create contrast throughout the piece to retain visual interest as well as to show both sides of the inspiration background for this piece. Only two type faces were used, Memphis and Helvetica Neue. I felt these complemented each other well and retained a more modern feel that I was trying to attain. Included are photos of the guide and  sketches and a color palette. This map and guide is intended to be complemented by a mobile phone application which was completed in my next project. 

Also included is an accordion booklet meant to be used as a leave-behind object to advertise that specific restaurant. Patrons are meant to take them, pass them to friends, keep as souvenirs, etc. because that’ll spread the word about the restaurant. This booklet is supposed to share a look and feel with the main map and guide, therefore I used the same color and type systems, however I included more images to showcase that restaurant better.

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