As a sort of continuation of my 'Memories' series, these pieces focus on nostalgic spots around my home neighborhood of Mira Mesa in San Diego, locally referred to as "The Mecca". 
This piece shows a scene that many that grew up in Mira Mesa, as well as myself, experienced various times throughout our childhoods. Walking or biking around, this dirt path behind this strip mall building provided a shortcut to get to Mira Mesa Blvd from the more residential area without having to go around the entire strip mall and parking lot. 
The Mira Mesa Lanes bowling alley is a cultural staple of Mira Mesa. Everyone would come here as kids or teenagers after school and on weekends. The arcade seemed to be the main attraction for us, constantly trying to beat our high scores on Initial D, or betting on a game of pool with the loser having to buy the winner a burger from Carl's Jr. across the street.
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