I've been making music longer than I've been drawing and making prints though. I started fooling around on Garage Band on my mom's (RIP) iPad back in 2012 after my freshman year of high school, then eventually I moved on to FL Studios and took off from there. I always was fascinated by Raider Klan how and their producer, SpaceGhostPurrp, made beats in such a unique, ethereal style I hadn't heard until then. Mobb Deep was always really important to me since early high school, so Havoc's dark, gritty boom bap beats really had an impact on me as well. Once I found out about Primitive Man a few years ago when they released their album 'Caustic', I was blown away. Having had been into metal and punk throughout middle and early high school, this album was very satisfying for me to listen to. I really appreciated just how slow and atmospheric they were able to make this album while maintaining an aggressive nature. Although I don't make a whole lot of music now a days, when I do I draw inspiration from my past music. I try to expand on ideas and take a new path for me that's beyond strictly boom bap or trap beats, focusing heavily on lots of percussion as well as rhythms that aren't reliant on a consistent, steady clap or snare.
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