Zine & Design Project Creation
Start a creative entity with cohesive branding and styling to release designs and illustrations under as well as producing zines and other printed material.
Dissolve is a project I started as a creative outlet for myself. I find it easier to create designs, illustrations and ideas for an existing project whether it's a brand, zine, or series. I started off with the intention of having Dissolve be a loose sort of brand (but not really a brand) to release designs under revolving around themes of community and our collective society. As I started creating for Dissolve, I found the direction I was taking the project as a bit dissatisfying and began thinking of ways to navigate this project in a way that I would truly enjoy. 
Then I came up with the idea of creating designs and illustrations, and then compiling them all into a periodical zine every so often, while creating small runs of other prints on the side. Below are the spreads to the first volume of 'Dissolve It All' and some pictures of the zine along with digital prints of two of the designs featured in the zine.
These are the front and back covers for 'Dissolve It All' Volume 1. Featuring the droplet motif and a colorful texture pattern included on many of the designs created for Dissolve, the front cover reflects much of the internal contents of this first volume. The back cover states where the zine was conceptualized, designed, and produced since location is a central theme to this volume as well as Dissolve in general. 
I tried many new techniques with the designs in this zine, from the way of creating texture, to incorporating it within a digital illustration, to incorporating it with photos. I also played a lot more with layering type on top of the imagery and illustration in a way that reminds me of the layering of tags and other graffiti found on signs, electrical boxes, fences, etc. 
Here am I posing with some prints created for Dissolve as well as with a printed copy of 'Dissolve It All' Volume 1. These prints as well as others created from past illustrations were created for an art vending event that I took part in on April 30, 2022. 
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