Autonomous Zine Fest

This project was to design an entire event from branding, to collateral, to the venue itself. The event type I chose was a zine fest. Zine fests are very informal expositions of zines, which are short, handmade booklets that can range from literature, to photography, to art, or anything else one can put into booklet form and print. Zine fests embody the concept of DIY (do it yourself) very thoroughly. From the process of making the zines, to the people and groups that participate, to the way the events are coordinated and set up, everything is very "do it yourself", sort of the antithesis of anything clean, corporate, and professional. Uniqueness and the human touch is very much embraced in these spaces. 

I wanted to represent the DIY aspect of zines and zine fests in my project and make it the forefront of everything I was to be designing. What little text there is, is either hand written, or using a typeface that resembles a typewriter and fits this aesthetic. Although many zines are in black and white, many do also contain vibrant color. I wanted to incorporate both of these approaches in my system, so I used black as the base color to most things, and chose three vibrant, attention grabbing colors that worked together and just looked good. For any images used, I posterized them so they were very high contrast, so that combined with the colors used, it looks like the elements in this system could have been offset printed, or screen printed, or printed in some other way that contains the human touch. 

There are many elements included in this project to give the most immersive feel for what this event would actually look and feel. Included is the venue model, graphic banners, informative kiosk model, material sample icons, cut material logo, booklet, branding sheets and site elevations.

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