Hi, my name is Michael Chavez. Being raised Mexican-American in San Diego, I’ve always been exposed to cultures and subcultures in which graphics and art are very prevalent and integrated. With seemingly everyone on my father’s side of the family being artistically gifted, it was no wonder where I got my inclination towards art and design. Inheriting this creativity and passion for arts, I was always interested in depicting my ideas through visual media. After taking a graphic design class and a screen printing class in high school, I realized that graphics and 2D art was the path I wanted to pursue and my passion started to develop.
As a recent Class of 2021 graduate from San Diego State University, I am an eager designer looking to acquire as much working and freelance experience as I can. I enjoy working with anything related to branding and collateral. Illustration is my strong suit, any time I have a chance to incorporate hand-drawn elements into a design I take full advantage. I would like to one day work with clothing brands or music artists designing merch, posters, flyers, and anything else that would let me express my illustrative side.
In my free time I love working on digital drawings, marker drawings, and other forms of 2D art. I also love anything that is printed; I screen print things that my friends and I design, and I occasionally do linocut prints. Outside of creative fields, I really enjoy riding my bike or walking around my community and taking in all the scenes and views around me. 
For a more in-depth story of my start in illustration and design, you can read an interview I did with SD Voyager here.
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